Marselia Maldives
Classic route of diving-safari on Maldives. The most popular and very saturated goes under the Whale-Shark sign. In Ari atoll there are the maximum possibility to see the biggest fish in the world.
The route starts from the North Mali of atoll, where famous dive-sites are located. They have a lot of inhabitants: turtles, murens, cleaner-fish. Because of them, several dive-sights became a giant manta cleaning station. Next, transition from North Mali atoll. During the transition, there are a big possibility to meet a group on dolphins. In Ari atoll, there are many dive-site in canals, where the ocean stream draws bigger fish. Here you will see a grey reef and silvertip sharks, different stingrays, tunas, barracudas. Also there are some

Central Route
of manta-points. On the south end of Ari atoll, there are a whale-shark. You can meet her on snorkeling and diving.
On Waavu (Felidhe) the most popular dive-site is Alimatha Jetty. This place is for night diving with unbelievable amount of nurse-sharks and stingrays. In the canal you have an ability to meet grey reef sharks, a flocks of barracudas, tunas and scads. The final atoll of South Mali, where the most beautiful dive-site of all South Mali is located. Diverse landscape, which shape looks like a droplet, with the coral plateau at a depth of 16 meters. Here you will meet eagle stingrays and green turtles.

Popular dive-sites:
North Mali – Maldive Victory; Lankan Mata Point; Bodu Hithi Thila; Naasirno Thila; Helengeli Thila; HP reef; Olhahali cave
Ari atoll – Dhigurah Arch; Moofushi corner; Broken rock; Maamigili Faru; Rangali Manta; Bodu Finolhu Thila.
South Male – Kuda Giri (wreck); Emboodhu Express; Kandooma Thila; Guraidhoo Kandu; Miyaru Faru; Cocoa corner.

South route This route is taking place only 2 times in one season: in the beginning of feburary and in the end of march. This 10 days tour is highly saturated. You will visit central atolls with already known dive-sites. You will meet faraway islands of Maldives, where small amount of resorts and a lot of unexplored islands with untouched reefs. The main dive-sites are canals (candu), where a lot of huge fish dwells: grey reef sharks, white-nose sharks, tunas, barracudas, different stingrays, mants and whale sharks, which will come and visit you! For this, the lights turn on right on the night parking. Firstly, a plankton comes in, and after him a whale shark swims near. Also, the immersion into a Foamulla atoll will be organized during the tour ( consist of only one island), where the tiger sharks dive-site located,
South route
so you will have an opportunity to see them underwater. But if you lucky enough, you will see a moon fish.

Popular dive-sites:
North Mali- Maldive Victory; Lankan Mata Point; Bodu Hithi Thila; Naasirno Thila; Helengeli Thila; HP reef; Olhahali cave
Южный Мале - Kuda Giri (wreck); Emboodhu Express; Kandooma Thila; Guraidhoo Kandu; Miyaru Faru; Cocoa corner.
Вааву - Alimatha Jetty, Devana Kandu, Fotteyo, Vattaru Kandu
Миму – Gaahuraa, Boa Huraa, Kurali Kandu
Лааму – Isdooo Muli, Maadaidhoo Kandu, Munna Fushi Kandu

On this route, yacht will be on the most southern part of Maldives that doesn't explored till the end, but its already popular. Wild places with big amount of desert islands and scared fish. On Gaafu, Addu atolls and Foamula there are plenty on dive-sites with big amount of grey reef sharks, variety of tunas, barracudas, Jack-fish, mants and stingrays. Also, on the deep south there are a couple of dive-sites with coral gardens, where the green turtles are dwelling. Behind the Genemanafushi island in the deep there is a possibility to meet a group of hammer sharks. But the most interesting in this route is the fact that you can meet a tiger shark, which doesn't dwell in the central atolls of Maldives archipelago. Many visitors already saw this wonderful place - Foamula, and met a couple of tiger sharks, which are one of the most dangerous sharks. This ability adds some adrenaline for all lovers of
Deep South Route
adventures. In these parts, a new amazing fish was found, which is called moon fish. If it's possible, you might meet her in one of the immersions. On the route, the night parking with spotlights was provided to draw attention of whale sharks and mants.

Popular dive-sites:
Gaafu– Viligili Kandu, Kooddoo Kandu, Maarehaa kandu
Foamulla – Fuvammulah Plato, Tiger Zoo
Addu - Madi Gaa, Gan out, Maa Kandu

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